Some projects

WoK Restaurent

A grand Wok restaurant in Gent with seating for 600 people, featuring a robust and stable electrical system to ensure the smooth operation of all departments. Providing a warm and delightful dining experience for our restaurant patrons.

a restaurant with a long table and chairs
a restaurant with a long table and chairs
Residence pitched roof solar system

Exceptional rooftop solar panel engineering installation, utilizing advanced elevator technology to deliver efficient energy solutions. Generate renewable energy from your roof, leading the way to a green future

POE Video Surveillance

Video surveilance system installed and meticulously commissioning. A secure and worry-free system to safeguard your peace and security.

EV charger station

Professional charging station installation services, committed to delivering a convenient and efficient charging experience. With our experienced enginner ,we ensure a dependable power source for your electric vehicle, making your travels more environmentally friendly and convenient.